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Verité Research shares structure for rational, efficient Government in SL

Verité Research launched a groundbreaking initiative titled 'Blueprint for a Rational Government in Sri Lanka,' aimed at restructuring the country's governance framework for optimal efficiency. Drawing from the acclaimed 1988 Administrative Reform Commission and international best practices, the blueprint proposes a streamlined system with just 15 ministries. By addressing the issues of fragmentation and misalignment that have plagued previous administrations, it seeks to organize government functions more cohesively. For instance, it highlights past instances where related subjects were needlessly split across different ministries or disparate topics were grouped together under a single ministry. The blueprint, presented in the format of a government gazette, encompasses all necessary aspects of governance, as outlined in a 2020 white paper by Verité Research titled 'A Rational Method for Cabinet Formation in Sri Lanka.'

These documents not only provide a comprehensive plan for governmental restructuring but also aim to mitigate the frequent changes that have hindered effective governance. Over the period from 2010 to 2023, the composition of ministries underwent significant alterations, exacerbating governmental dysfunction. Through meticulous analysis and strategic planning, Verité Research aims to equip all major political parties in Sri Lanka with the tools necessary to design a government structure that optimally serves the nation's interests. By incorporating lessons from past experiences and international models, the blueprint offers a roadmap towards a more efficient and effective governance framework, ultimately benefiting the people of Sri Lanka.

Verité Research shares structure for rational, efficient Government in SL | Daily FT

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