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Physical Progress and Fund Utilization of the Large and Mega Scale Development Projects

Completion of development projects funded by public funds within the stipulated period for the delivery of planned benefits to the general public, as well as the start of future initiatives based on the outputs of completed projects, is identified as a top priority of the country.

As a result, a CRIP committee (Committee to Resolve Issues in Projects) comprised of senior secretaries of line ministries, chaired by Honourable State Minister of Money and Capital Market & State Enterprise Reforms, has been appointed as per the Cabinet of Ministers' directive to ensure an increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of ongoing development projects.

In addition, with the agreement of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministry of Finance published circular MF/01/2020 dated 08.03.2021 to streamline systems and procedures in order to speed development operations. This project makes it easier for development operations to run smoothly by removing roadblocks that create delays in implementation.

The Department of Project Management and Monitoring, as part of its responsibility to supervise development projects, conducts monthly monitoring, and delivers quarterly progress reports to the Cabinet of Ministers.

The following series of Infographics depicts the physical progress and the Fund Utilization of the Large and Mega Scale Development Projects for the Quarter 01 and Quarter 02 as reported by the Ministry of Finance.

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