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Govt. gazettes revised Sri Lanka Electricity Bill


The Sri Lanka Electricity Bill, recently published in the gazette and set for presentation to Parliament by Power and Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekera, marks a crucial step towards reforming the country's electricity sector. This proposed legislation incorporates amendments suggested by stakeholders earlier this year and offers a two-week window for public challenge in the Supreme Court upon its presentation. With its focus on establishing independent and accountable corporate entities, promoting competition, ensuring consumer protection, and facilitating the growth of renewable energy, the Bill aims to enhance the efficiency, transparency, and reliability of Sri Lanka's electricity supply system. Building on the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers to restructure the CEB, the Bill underscores objectives such as improving industry performance, fostering a competitive environment, ensuring safety standards, and promoting affordability and financial viability. By aligning with national policies and international obligations on decarbonisation and renewable energy integration, the proposed legislation signifies a significant milestone in the government's efforts to modernize and enhance the resilience of the Sri Lankan electricity sector, ultimately aiming to meet current and future electricity demands while optimizing the utilization of natural resources.

Govt. gazettes revised Sri Lanka Electricity Bill | Daily FT

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