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Ceylon Chamber welcomes National Digital Economy Strategy
  • Focusing on enhancing the digital infrastructure to support the growth of the digital economy, including broadband access and digital connectivity.
  • Prioritizing the swift implementation of Digital ID systems to streamline processes and enhance efficiency in government services and transactions.
  • Encouraging public and stakeholder participation in the review and strengthening of the strategy to ensure alignment with evolving needs and priorities.


The Ceylon Chamber recognizes the pivotal role of the Digital Economy in propelling Sri Lanka's economic growth, echoing the sentiments of the recently unveiled National Digital Economy Strategy 2030 by the Ministry of Technology. Emphasizing key areas such as digital infrastructure enhancement, Digital ID implementation, cybersecurity legislation improvement, connected digital governance, and skill development, the strategy aligns with the Chamber's longstanding advocacy, notably for the swift adoption of Digital ID. The Chamber actively participated in the strategy's formulation through representation in high-level committees and provided input via its Digital Economy committee. As the strategy undergoes public and stakeholder review, it presents an opportune moment for further engagement to fortify the plan of action. Crucially, successful implementation hinges on government ownership and collaboration with industry stakeholders, with the strategy document outlining the institutional framework and proposed action plan to guide this endeavor.

Ceylon Chamber welcomes National Digital Economy Strategy | Daily News

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