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Addressing the Gender Gap in Sri Lanka's Budget

Sri Lanka introduced 12 gender key performance indicators (KPIs) in 2018 to address the gender gap in the national budget. Our latest assessment of the 12 gender KPIs showed that progress has been limited and has even regressed in key areas.

The report highlights the failure of the Sri Lankan government in implementing gender responsive budgeting in Sri Lanka. The case of gender KPIs provides a detailed case study of how poor planning of government policies can lead to poor accountability among implementing agencies. The report highlights the importance of conducting good analysis, ensuring that well-defined frameworks and proper oversight mechanisms are in place before proceeding to implement budgetary policies.

The second year of assessment found that progress of the 12 gender key performance indicators has regressed from 2019-2020. In comparison to the first year of assessment, the overall progress of KPIs has declined. The assessment of KPIs across both years (2018-2019 and 2019-2020) revealed that a lack of transparency, a lack of accountability and the lack of a clearly formulated framework to support the implementation of the KPIs has led to a failed initiative.

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